We strive to be a conscious brand caring about the environment. This means every decision we make we consider the environmental impact and do our best to be a part of a better future. The world needs you (and all of us) to make conscious decisions. We invest in high quality fabrics and doing everything we can to create a sustainable business.
2020 is a year we started to make all our products from new plastics. We have decided that all our future collections will be made from a high quality upcycled nylon/spandex blend. This is a small improvement that will help reduce our waste problems.


The majority of the waste that pours into our oceans come from single-use plastic packaging. We want to be a business taking a charge in the change.
What we do as a brand is to make sure we do not use any plastic in our shipments. We also do not use any plastic in our hangtags and other details. 


Pieces of plastic cover every square mile of our oceans.


We constantly strive to be a positive influence in women’s life. To make people love their bodies and embrace the things that make them unique. Encourage each other and lift each other up.
We are investing in creative people who care about the world. People who inspire us by doing something they love or simply just living a life that will create a positive influence in this world. 
We believe that profit shouldn't come at the expense of human dignity. That is why we carefully choose where and how we produce our products. We are proud to have found a factory that live up to all the high standards we want for a sustainable and ethical business.